Thursday, March 28, 2013

Out of Lockup

We let the sheep out of the barn today. I can't remember the last time we had them all in the barn, I don't think they do either. that one of those  annoying dogs staring at me?

Tunis eating hay....The BL's looking for anything "green"

They couldn't wait to get out. We have been listening to their protest over the last couple of days.
Today was sunny and 40's. They have had a little while to get used to not having the wool coats on. I am still going to keep them in the barnyard for a little while so I can see if they get too chilled, especially some of the older ladies.

One things for sure, without the fleece we can see how they fared over winter. You can tell which ones are pushy when it come to food and which ones hang back until everyone else is done. Thankfully everyone seemed to be in good shape. I was concerned this year more than others due to the dry summer and lack of quality hay over the winter.

Now we just have to wait.... Wait for the lambs and kids to make their appearance.  Some of ewes look SO big. Poor things....

Any day now!

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  1. Oh they look so good with their new haircuts. I am glad it is warming up for the, Can't wait till the babies come:) B


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