Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Less Than 15 Hours Away

A bit of Spring for my Birthday

Spring is less than 15 hours away but it looks like Winter did not get the memo!

It is COLD, the wind has been howling for two days and we are suppose to get snow.
It is not the greatest weather for shearing. I  hope the weather forecast is accurate and it will at least be dry.

I need to get out and medicate the goats today. We usually wait until after they kid before we give them dewormer but when I was feeding them Sunday and looked them over it looked like they need it now.  Not something I feel like doing, but since when did that ever work into the equation?
I need to give the Tunis their second dose so it isn't really a big deal.  It is just that the goats are big babies and act like they are dying when they are being medicated!

The Border Leicesters will be left alone until Saturday. They are waddling around the pasture looking very pregnant right now. It takes them a bit of time to lie down or get back up. Poor girls...it won't be too much longer now.

We did manage to get some Spring in the house. The herbs we planted are coming up and will need to be put in bigger pots. My step mom  bought me flowers for  my birthday last week and they look lovely on the table. Now if I could just pack aways those winter coats....

The Lemon Balm is just starting to come up but the Cilantro needs put in a larger pot
Regan made me the markers


  1. Happy Birthday March sure is filled with a lot of birthdays in Bloggerville mine included:)
    The flowers are beautiful have fun with the new babies. B

    1. Happy Birthday to you too :) My Family has a lot of birthdays in March, 2 sisters and 1 brother.
      The flowers were a perfect gift!


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