Sunday, March 3, 2013

Delaney's Lamb Contest

Ready or not, lambs and kids should start arriving this month. Delaney ask me every day how many more days???  Last night she was talking about lambs coming next week...I said No, not until April..she was not happy. We pulled out the calendar and counted out 147 days (average gestation period of a ewe) and it looks like it is possible we could have lambs the very end of March. She was happy to hear that it could happen this month.

She has been looking at the blogs I have been following and seeing all of those cute lambs and kids have almost been too much. Every time she sees a new post with some cute babies I hear "Everyone has lambs, but US!"

I love lambs and kids but as long as the weather is cold I am okay with waiting. Right now there is snow on the ground, more snow than we have had all winter, I think.

We are suppose to warm up this week and instead of snow we will have mud. I will take it! The snow is beautiful but I am ready to have it go away for a season. I am ready for
daffodils, tree buds, and yes, farm babies.

Delaney asked if we could have a contest. A contest  where you guess the date of our first lambs, the color of the lambs and if it will be a single, twin or triplet (we hardly ever have triplets) and gender.
We are still working on a prize. Trying to come up with something sheepy :)
I am going to a fiber event this weekend so I am pretty sure I will be able to find something fun for a giveaway.

If you would like to guess please leave a comment with
whether you think it will be a single, twin or triplet
color (white, natural colored or both (possible if you have twins)
ewe or ram lamb (or combination if guessing twins)

We will go by date first...if more than one person chooses the same date we will factor in the other  (twin/single, color, ewe/ram lamb)

We put the Ram in with the ewes on November 4. 147 days later ...March 31st. Gestation  usually varies between 144-151 days...Happy Guessing :)

You can check back in the beginning of April to see if you won!

P.S. We can't leave the goats out of the fun so we will be posting a kidding contest too. It all has to be fair you know.


  1. Grandma Wilson is guessing on April Fool's day a white (single) ewe lamb.

  2. I'll guess Easter Sunday, twins, a ram and a ewe lamb, the ram being white and the ewe being natural.

    I don't think I'll breed for so early again. It's been so cold I have had to put sweaters on the lambs born yesterday. But they do look too cute in them. And the goat kids do too, little stinkers.

  3. Border Leicester Twins on March 28th; 1 Ewe and 1 Ram.

    Looking forward to lambing posts in April!

    I need to work on a calving post. We have over 20 babies on the ground.

  4. Hi Sandra! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment and for sharing at the Blog Fest. Feel free to resize the graphic if you'd like to, I see that it's quite large for your template. I'm following you now, and looking forward to getting to know you!

    ~Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

    1. Hi Sandra, just read your comment at my blog and was heading over to help you out with the button, but it looks like you got it worked out. Good job! :)


    2. Kristi,
      Thanks for visiting.
      I figured out how to resize..thanks!

  5. OK.....I say April 2....Two ewe lambs, both a natural color....but I can't WAIT to see because all lambs are SOOOO adorable:) Blessings~~Shine

  6. How fun! My guess is April 3rd, twins, one white ram and one white ewe. Can't wait to see what happens :)

  7. Great idea for a contest! I'm going to go with April 4th. one white ewe, and one natural ram!!

  8. Apr. 3rd, twins, both colors, one boy one girl

  9. march 31
    both colors
    both girls!

  10. Good Luck everyone! I hope spring decides to show up before the lambs start coming!!!


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