Sunday, March 24, 2013

Children Love Lambs

My sister just posted some pictures on my Facebook page.  Dated 2007, it has been a while.

Children love feeding bottle lambs! This is a picture of my nephews and daughters enjoying some lamb time. There isn't a whole lot of things that can beat the cuteness of a baby lamb!

With lambing season coming very soon the girls are getting excited. I get excited too  but I have to admit I always get a little nervous. I am always hopeful that the lambs are healthy and the ewes will be good mommies, and the weather cooperates. As with everything in life it can be unpredictable.

So far the weather is NOT cooperating.  It doesn't want to stop snowing. We are expecting some tonight which may keep us from shearing tomorrow. The cold weather can also  make lambing time more stressful. We have lambs in the Spring because I do not enjoy having lambs in the cold! Winter needs to get a move on!

The ewes look pretty good. First time moms can drive you a little nuts but we only have one that has not lambed before. We are just hoping to get them sheared this week. Less wool makes things a little easier for the lambs trying to nurse. It also helps if it is cold, without the wool coat the ewe is more likely to be or go somewhere more sheltered instead of choosing to have a lamb in a snow bank or in the middle of an open field (usually).

As far as bottle (bummer) lambs we always hope for ZERO! Healthy lambs who get to stay with their moms are best.

I know they are adorable- We have had a few over the years and children love to come and feed them-but they do tend to grow up - and in my opinion growing up with other lambs and frolicking around the pasture is the better life. Nothing more difficult than a lamb with an identity crisis, waiting at the back door for the girls to come out and play!

And in case you are wondering the lamb is in the house! I know- something else I never imagined before I moved to the farm.

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