Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Boys

Scout, Flynn and Tag(the gentleman who has been around the block)

I am still not sure how Delaney managed to get a picture with all three of them together or better yet a picture where they were not in motion. I am thinking this was taken after a long session of playing ball.

The "puppies" are growing up so fast. They will be a year in a couple of months.  They both have some herding instinct, Flynn (in the middle) shows the most promise. I am hoping to be able to have him trained.

Right now they are in basic obedience through a local 4-H Dog Club. Tuesday was their first dog practice.  I reminded the girls not to expect much the first week at practice. New surroundings, new dogs, new people. The surroundings, they didn't mind much, well except Scout who didn't like the large, loud, heater vent (there's  a bear hiding in it, didn't you know?)  The people, no problem, they love meeting people. The dogs, well that is where it gets interesting.

By the end of the practice we "almost" convinced Scout that there was nothing hiding in the heater vent.
We "almost" convinced Flynn that the other dogs wanted to be his friends (the other dogs weren't on board with that one either). "Almost" convinced the girls that the next practice would go a lot better.

Cassandra and Tag got to sit back and reminisce of their first obedience practices and laugh at all of the newbies trying to to get a handle on the situation.

The first two practices are always a challenge for the new kids and the new dogs. We had one boy at practice asking if  he could just come to practice and maybe show NEXT year.  I think he is in for a nice surprise. Most of the  dogs really start making some progress after just a couple of practices.

2013 4-H Dog Show, here we come....Ready or Not!

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