Monday, February 25, 2013

Spinning Help for the Novice

Spinning help for the novice, the novice being ME!

Mike went to New York  a short while back for work. He got the chance to stop by the Fingerlakes Woolen Mill and was able to get a Mill tour with a very nice gentleman who runs the place.
Being the nice guy he is, he  picked me up a grab bag of wool that they had on hand, some dark Jacob.

I have been wanting  to spin it. Right now I can't sit due to the fall  but I have had time to do some spinning homework.  The last time I pulled out the wheel I had some difficulties. When your a novice and you are doing something wrong, it can be difficult to figure out what that is.  That is when I get frustrated and the wheel gets pushed back in the corner and collects dust.
I haven't been able to find a guild close by so I went to the Internet for help.

I did find a great website that has all kinds of tutorials including several on spinning. They have been very helpful.

I am renewed and ready to dust it off and spin! Now, if I could just sit.....


  1. Good for you! Perseverance is your best friend when it comes to spinning:) A friend told me, just sit at the wheel 10 minutes a day ....and she was right! Even when you think you have it, it takes being diligent and staying at it! You're right, frustration can set in quickly, but hang in there!!!! I have so much beautiful yarn that I have spun now, I may have to think about selling some....maybe I'll have a give-away on my blog soon!! Best wishes~~Shine
    PS...Also, if you can find a video with Maggie Casey...she's great!!

  2. I think the ten minutes a day is a great idea.
    I appreciate the video suggestion, will have to look it up. Thanks!


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