Monday, February 11, 2013

Its a Red Thing

Getting Loaded up in the trailer for the trip to their new farm
I am so excited! We finally found some Tunis Sheep to add to our flock. We have been looking for quite some time. A friend of ours found some ewe lambs that were  just 25 miles away from our place.

In their new home

They are about nine months old. The pictures aren't the greatest it was dark when we picked them up and got them home and both barns were a little dark.
They are a little jumpy but seem very curious of their surroundings. We will keep them in the barn for 2 weeks to make sure they don't have any problems before we put them with our flock. Always better to be on the safe side.

They have a finer wool than the Border Leicester,  cream/oatmeal in color. I love their red heads and legs.  Look forward to raising the new additions!



  1. Sandra, how exciting! They are beautiful and look really healthy. Someone else is getting some Tunis sheep too. I am going to look for some here. They are beautiful sheep. And their wool does look nice. So you will cross these with Shetland? Can't wait to see more!

  2. Kris,
    Thank you!
    I don't have any shetland sheep just the Border Leicesters. I am not sure if we will do any crosses.
    I am interested to see what their wool is like to work with. We are planning on shearing next month.

    1. Sorry, got you confused with Teri. She has Shetlands.

  3. Sandra,
    I have never seen red sheep like this. How cool!

    My Mom raises Southdowns and my Sister has club lambs (Suffolk and Hampshire).

    I look forward to your future sheep adventures.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog for the Valentine Blog Party. I was visiting my folks last week and am catching up on comments this evening.


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