Saturday, February 2, 2013

Glass Half Full Day

I had to drive into town today for an appointment. It was really snowing and there were several people shoveling sidewalks and driveways. I can't remember the last time that I had to do that.

One advantage of living in the country in the  winter.
No shoveling sidewalks.

Mike will shovel a path to the cars from the house but we haven't even plowed the driveway this year. Advantage of having 4 wheel drive vehicles.  We just drive through it.

That got me thinking of other advantages. Advantage number 2- Country roads, we get snowed in and can't go anywhere! I love that.   Life is busy and sometimes it is nice to just be able to say...sorry, can't do that, have to stay home.

Advantage number 3, Great Views. The snow can make a very pretty landscape especially when your surrounded with trees and fields. 

Today was a glass half full day. If it was a glass half empty day my outlook may have been:

We got a lot of snow and can't get the cars out of the drive, so Mike has to plow it and its a big drive and it will take him hours.

Traveling on the country roads are NOT pleasant in the snow, they are the last to be plowed, if they ever get plowed.

The open landscape  brings  blowing winds and snow.

Its funny how your attitude can change your perspective. I wish I could remember that and spend more days being positive.

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