Monday, February 4, 2013

Ewe Expecting

Today was one of those beautiful winter wonderland kind of days. Everything is covered in  white. I went out to check on the ladies and noticed they are starting to look a little  round.  We should start seeing lambs in about 7-8 weeks


This  aged ewe is one of our first Border Leicesters and  happens to be one of my favorites.
She decided to pose for me while I was taking a few snapshots.

My girls are so anxious for the babies to come. They have been looking at all of the lamb pictures on the blogs that I have been following.  A girlfriend of theirs has some lambs at their place.  I keep telling them we have a while to go yet. 



  1. Sandra,
    She is beautiful! I noticed my girls are a bit on the round side as well ... I'm thinking this month they will start ... I love the lambs,but am always happy when are girls are done.
    Hope you have a smooth lambing season!

    1. Thank you Teri!
      I love the lambs too. Thankfully I have two younger girls that can't wait for the lambs and kids to make thier appearance so they can kick into shepherdess mode. They are a big help during a busy time.
      We are hoping for a smooth lambing season and wish the same for you!

  2. I love that picture of Mabel! There is something so poetic about the image of sheep standing out in winter snow; the scriptures refer to both sheep's wool and snow as metaphors for being cleansed and pure. Also, I get the feeling spring will be here before we know it :)

    1. Thanks Richelle,

      You always have such a nice way with words!
      I hope you are right about Spring!

  3. She looks just like the ewe I lost last summer. I miss her. I hope to have a few more like her soon, as all my sheep are expecting too. I will have lots of sheep and lamb pictures on my blog if I can get it to work right. Anyway, I have 4 about ready to lamb any time now. Can hardly wait! I've been having goats kidding the past few weeks. Love those babies!

  4. Kris,
    She always has some black beauty's. We have a few ewes from her.
    I hope your lambing goes well. We have been enjoying your kid pics.

    1. I bet all her babies are beautiful. I am hoping for a few. My ram I'm using for the younger finn ewes is the black Finn ram. So I hope I get a few black ewes to keep. I hope people aren't getting tired of all the kid pics. But I love taking pictures of them! I just made a mountain goat album on FB.


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