Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Will Miss the Snow While it is Away

Even as I write this the snow is melting and the temperatures are rising.
I am not complaining. I really dislike chores in the 0-20 degree range. We have spent many winters bundled up in layers, breaking up ice in the water barrels, hauling bales of hay out to the animals on a sled.

I just really wanted to get some pictures of the Christmas snow we were hoping for and were blessed to receive.
Looks like I am going to miss the opportunity. Life is busy around the Holidays and then we were visited by the awful flu that is going around.

Well I am not going to get too worried about it. It is Michigan, and the snow can return as quickly as it dissapears.

I did manage to get a few pictures before the snow completely dissapeared.

Our small Pear Orchard
One of our 100 year old Maple Trees

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