Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soups On

Whew, it is COLD. 3 degrees this morning and less than that with wind chill.

The girls just back in from checking on everyone outside.
Feeding extra hay trying to help them stay warm.

Thankfully, everyone is up and eating and seem to be doing okay.

We have two wood burners going today. Just when you think you have the draft problems fixed in your house you have a cold windy day come along and let you know otherwise.
Part of living in an old farmhouse, I guess.

One remedy for the cold, at least around here is homemade soup.

Soup of the Day: Beef and Black Bean Soup
I have not made it in a long while. One of the girls favorites. I like it because it is simple and easy to make.

1 pound ground beef
Onion (to taste..I use dehydrated onion)
2 Tablespoons Taco or Mexican Seasoning (season to taste, we like more)
3 cans Black Beans (rinsed and drained)
2 cans corn (drained)  or 1 frozen bag corn
2 Quarts Beef Broth (Canned OR I use water and beef bouillon)
1 jar chunky salsa

Cook beef until browned. Stir to crumble.
Add onion.
Stir in seasonings.
Add beans (you can mash one can)
Stir in Broth; Bring to a boil.
Add corn and salsa and simmer 5 minutes.
We serve with Tortilla Chips
Toppers could be sour cream, cilantro, chopped green onions.


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