Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Picture of our Old Farmhouse



noun, plural farm·hous·es [-hou-ziz]  
a house on a farm, especially the one used by the farmer and farmer's family.

 Mike  found a picture of our old farmhouse when it was a newer farmhouse, back in the day.
Wrap around porch, windmill and the original proud owners.
Definately not what it looked like when we bought it.
We wanted a homestead and loved the property, the house...not so much. We love old houses but this house had its country charm taken away and replaced with a more updated 70's looks.
Plaster replaced with Paneling and dropped ceilings.
Wood Floors replaced with Shag carpeting.
Wood siding replaced with Wide Vinyl.
Wrap around porch torn off and replaced with enclosed porch.
Tin Roof, left alone. About the only thing that was.
Don't get me wrong, I am sure in the 70's it was a beauty. I know the owners and they put a lot of time and money putting in all of those "modern" updates.
We have spent the last 15 years tearing out all of those updates and trying to bring it back to its original country charm with some of the more modern conveniences.
We still have a ways to go. We have spent the last 15 years working on the inside. I would love to get the outside back to what it originally looked like, especially the wrap around porch!


  1. Oh Sandra,
    Boy, I know that story all to well ... At least your house had doors,walls and plumbing ...
    Ours was a shell that the owner had defaulted on and the area theifs helped themselves to copper, sinks, door, toliets, cabinets all the electric ... we truely bought a shell. We have owned it for 5 years and have spent the last 4 trying to make a home. At this point we are 1/2 way to home. Good luck, I know it takes a long long time.
    I have to say the bones of youe old farmhouse are (were) beautiful!
    Rain and warm temps here for the week. Next month double up on food and supplements for the girls. Lambing will start for me in March.

  2. Teri,
    Wow, that sounds like a story that could have been done on This Old House.
    I am glad we were able to just work on one room at at time over the years. The girls grew up in a contruction zone.

  3. I just love old farmhouses like that. They have so much charm and character. I bet yours will be back to where it was once again. Beautiful home.

  4. Kris,
    Thank you. The genteleman we bought the farm from lives across the road. When we were gutting out the paneling and drop ceilings he couldn't understand why we would such a thing. I asked about the porch, he said they tore the porch off instead of fixing it. We have a lot of Amish Families around where we live. They like their porches too. I am sure we can have them replicate the one in the picture.

  5. I love that wrap around porch! It would be so cool if you could get that back. And is that the legs of the windmill I see right next to the porch? Why on earth would they put the windmill there? I can't tell--is that the front door in the picture where your livingroom window is now? Or maybe not now that I look at it more carefully. I see the steps leading down from the porch and it looks like the door is there--oh! and that other door that used to be in your kitchen between the kitchen and the porch! This picture was sure a treasure to find!

  6. Nancy,
    Yes, we were very excited when Mike Found it. There was a front door in the living room where the picture window is now.
    I hope we can replace the porch. Nothing says country charm like a wrap around porch!

  7. What a beautiful house! I've love to have a traditional farmhouse like that someday... preferably without the drop ceilings and paneled walls. :)

    1. We have grown to love it, uneven floors and all :)
      They were built with practicality in mind thats for sure.


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