Thursday, January 24, 2013

Man's Best Friend

You can't attempt to leave the house without this guy right on your heels.

He feels it is necessary to be involved in the daily chores.  Not quite sure what he is thinking but if  I had to guess it would be that we could no way do all of this without him.
I am sure he feels quite indispensable.

I got a shot of him while I was feeding grain. Just standing there making sure that no one tries to pull a fast one.

He is quite the character and definately one of our chore buddies.

He no doubt fits the description of "Mans Best Friend"


  1. He is beautiful! Same coloring as my Aussie,black and white. I am hoping this year I can find someone who can train him.

  2. Thank you,
    He has been the best dog. He really should be trained to herd. My daughter shows him at 4-H with obedience and Agility. He is a smartie, just gets really excited around the sheep and doesn't always stop to listen to me give direction.
    We have a family in our 4-H group that has Aussies..beautiful, smart dogs.


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