Saturday, January 19, 2013

Knit On

I have mentioned before, I am new to knitting.  But I find myself getting less frustrated and enjoying it more.

I FINALLY finished a scarf. I won't admit to how many attempts I have made to make a simple scarf. I also won't admit to how many mistakes I made while making the scarf, but I decided mistakes or not it was getting finished and that I was going to wear it. Goal complete!

I decided to try something else. I browsed online and decided to try washcloths. I found one that I liked at (very nice knitting website)

It was listed as a beginner project but after reading the pattern it did NOT look like a beginner project to me. Yarn Over? K2?  What the heck did that mean?
 But thankfully along with the pattern there was a video tutorial. I watched and thought maybe this is possible.

I started one last night and finished it the same night. I used it today! I like projects like that.
By no means is it perfect. There are mistakes but I was satisfied with the end results. I really enjoyed the project, so much that I went to the store and bought some more cotton yarn to make more.

My first official yarn stash....

I have wanted to knit for years. I finally feel like I am making sense of it and there is hope for me yet.
With some luck  I may be able to move up to advance beginner, someday.

I decided to post a picture of the two projects I finished this week. I was a little skeptical due to the fact that any knitter will be able to see all of  my mistakes. But then I thought of all of the knitters I have met and came to the conclusion that they would probably be happy to celebrate my small success with me. I also decided if I keep the picture small enough my mistakes might not be as noticable.

Off to knit some more washcloths!


  1. Hi Sandra,
    I think you have done very well! My very first project was a scarf as well ... all knit rows, very easy, but what that simple little scarf did for me was such a confidence booster! From there I went onto to knitting the same scarf, only this one added a purl row ... and I was also spotting my mistakes more.
    One thing I do want to encourage, is spotting your mistakes and fixing them ... really that is one thing as a knitter you will NEED to learn ... nobody likes to frog, be even the best knitters still have to do it from time to time.
    I learnd to knit when there was no youtube! Just a book or an old friend and by old I mean she was well into her 70's.
    So enjoy, and yes ... keep calm and knit on!
    Have a great week, guess the cold is coming our way!

  2. Hi Teri,

    If I see a mistake and know how to fix it I will. But a lot of times its more of a "How did that happen??" and not having a clue what I did wrong.
    I have managed to learn how to pick up a dropped stitch. Thank goodness for youtube. :)
    With the washcloths I have a hard time with the K2 that has caused me the most problems so the first part of the washcloth looks great and the second part when I am doing the K2 not so great.
    I appreciate all of your encouraging words and advice.

    The cold weather is here! It is freezing outside. The first big dose of winter we have had this year.


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