Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Farm Goals

Yes, I have made some farm goals for 2013. I know, when you make New Years Resolutions it usually turns into a to do list for one week. But I need a to do list!

I have a notebook that I try to keep some goals in for the year. I can look at it and see where we have improved and where we have fallen short.

I was planning on ending the year with more ewes but with having all ram lambs and just the one ewe lamb , that did not happen.
With a dry summer and high hay prices we decided not to purchase any ewes or rams.
But I am happy that the flock/herd is going into 2013 looking really good.
The biggest dissapointment of the year was the pastures. I did not get the burdock under control like I had planned. So that goes to the number one spot on my LIST.
Still not sure how to tackle that challenge but it is one I am determined to work on this year.
Wool and burrs do not make a good combination. We have been lucky that the ewes  usually steer clear and we have not had many problems with their fleeces BUT they need to go. The pastures look much better without them.

Another big goal for this year is to have the wool proccesing equipment up and running so I will be able to take my raw fleeces this spring and turn them into rovings right here on the farm.
This has been something Mike has worked very hard on for many years.  We are hoping that we have some success with this endeavor in 2013. It has been long anticipated.

2012 brought some challenges and dissapointments but it also had its blessings. I am very grateful for the many wonderful blessings that I have in my life.
Living on our homestead is just one of them.

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