Monday, January 14, 2013

Farm Catalogs and Wish List

The 2013 Farm Catalogs have started coming in the mail.
You can spend hours browsing through them making list. There is always the practical list of the things you really need and then there is the other list, you know the one of all the things you would love to have but don't necessarily need.

The Hoegger's catalog was especially fun to look through.
Wish List of Soap Making Supplies, Cheese Making supplies, New Milk Buckets, Cream Seperator, and the list could go on and on. Now to narrow the list down and order what we really need with a few wants thrown in there.

It looks like tomorrow will be a day to take inventory of what we have and what we will need to order to make sure we have the lambing and kidding supplies we will need come April.

I think January and February can be the hardest times of the year in Michigan in regards to the weather. You have short days and it is cold.
I think the catalogs come at the perfect time so you can dream of warmer, longer days with the excitement of new lambs and kids and the other things that come with Spring.

I am also  determined to make soap this year so I will be looking through and seeing what I need to make that a reality.

Who thought that getting a catalog in the mail could spark so much enthusiasm.
It must be January!


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Glad to see you have a follow up now ... Now I can read from my dashboard!
    And I do remember the cold cold of MA. in Jan. and Feb. When we left to come to KY to see our first piece of property it was 20 below zero in MA. we really didn't need much conviencing to move once we got here and the temps were about 50○ warmer!
    Stay warm my friend ...

  2. Being new to blogging, I wasn't sure what the followers link was for. Figuring things out the longer I am on.

    I have to admit that the South sounds like a nice place to be in January.

    We have had a pretty mild winter so I can't complain too much. I do wish we had more daylight though. I do miss the longer days.


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