Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chores, the Everyday Work Around a Farm

Photo taken by Alisha (oldest daughter)


[chawr, chohr]    
a small or odd job; routine task.
chores, the everyday work around a house or farm.
a hard or unpleasant task: Solving the problem was quite a chore.

1375–1425; late Middle English char, Old English cyrr, variant of cierr, cerr  
(taken from
Living on a Farm, chores are just part of everyday life.
Unlike household chores, which can be ignored or put off , and  I will  openly admit I sometimes do, farm chores have to be done.
The sheep and goats have to be taken care of.  If they think we have forgotten that,  they let us know.
They can get pretty noisy if they feel they are being neglected.
Minimum; Water Barrels need filled and feed needs put out. During that time you usually do a quick look over to make sure everyone is doing okay and nothing looks amiss.
I will  admit  that is all that gets done if the weather is bad or there is sickness in the house.
Maintenance mode is what I call it.  If we really did everything that needs to be done OR could be done we would never sleep.
Winter is not the most inviting time to do that extra work. We spend most of our winter in maintenance mode.
Keep wood stacked for the fire.
Feed and water Animals
Exercise the Dogs
I am glad that we have had the opportunity to move into the country and live our "homesteading dream" with our six girls.  We  bought a few sheep shortly after we moved out here and the girls have always been a part of raising them. Next came the goats which was Mike's idea. The girls loved the goats so they were added to the permanant resident list. It took me longer to warm up to them but eventually I came to appreciate all they have to offer.
We have had at different times, chickens ,ducks, steers, and rabbits.
I am glad that they have had farm chores and were able to take responsibility for the animals. They all had their favorites. I have one daughter who loved the sheep but the goats drove her crazy so she chose the sheep chores. My oldest loved the goats so had no problems with being their caretaker.  I know they might not have always appreciated doing their chores, especially in the winter months, but I do think that it helps build their character. They are wonderful girls (Yes, I am bragging a bit but isn't that what moms do best) and definately have a work ethic. They also have a lot of respect for life and living things.
We have never had to make up chores for them to do. They just create themselves when you live on a farm. I might be bias, but I think farm chores can be the most rewarding kind.  As a parent, I also appreciate that we  seldom  hear the words "I'm Bored".


  1. your images, both the photo and the words are simply beautiful. My mother always told us if you're bored, you're boring!

  2. I confess that I enjoy mucking out horse manure :-) My favorite part is spreading fresh shavings. Oh it smells so good!

    Love the picture!

  3. Oh we never heard the words I'm bored around this farm either and the girls love coming home when they can so they can walk among the cows and remember. Love the photo. Have fun with your girls.Six girls that is a beautiful gift itself. Hug B


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