Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Spring Day in the Middle of Winter

I woke up to the sound of  thunder last night. At first I couldn't figure out what was making all the racket. Wasn't expecting it to be Thunder.

Today 56 and thundershowers. I cannot believe the rain we are getting. Flood Warnings for some areas. Thankfully we don't have to worry too much about that, unless you count our old basement which tends to leak if we get a lot of rain.

It is a muddy mess everywhere. When I fed grain I had a hard time keeping my boots on.

I can't even feed the ewes and does in the pen today, they would be up to their knees in mud.
I will have to move them behind the barn where there is an overhang so the feed can stay dry.
It doesn't look like it is going to let up any time soon.

It is suppose to stay Spring Like conditions tomorrow and  then back to 16 degrees  by Friday.

Crazy Weather. 

Old Weather Lore:

“An evening gray and a morning red
Will send the shepherd wet to bed.”

“When sheep gather in a huddle,
tomorrow we will have a puddle.”

“When pigs carry sticks,
The clouds will play tricks;
When they lie in the mud,
No fears of a flood.”

“If the rooster crows on going to bed,
You may rise with a watery head.”

Taken from: http://wilstar.com/skywatch.htm

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  1. Reminds me of a Bob Segar song:

    I woke last night to the sound of thunder
    How far off I sat and wondered
    Started humming a song from 1962
    Ain't it funny how the night moves


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