Thursday, December 13, 2012

With a Baa Baa Here and a Baa Baa There

With the high hay prices we are feeding grain this winter. I noticed the sheep have been a lot more vocal lately. Normally, I do not hear them but since we have started feeding grain they start making a racket around 3 o'clock.

It didn't take them long to figure out that grain was going to be a part of the daily routine.
They never get that excited about hay.

Thankfully we still have some gates set up outside the pasture so feeding time is very easy. I can put the grain in the tubs without getting knocked over.  The sheep can eat without being pummeled by the horses.
Its a small enough area so  I can get a good look at everyone. There don't seem to be any bullies so everyone gets their fair share. When they are done I just let them back out.

With the daily inspection I can see that everyone is in good health. The one thing I am not happy to see is that they are occasionally picking up a burr in their wool. Burdock is an unwelcome guest that just won't leave....But that is another topic!

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