Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One of a Sheep's Best Qualities

One our "senior ladies"

One of the best thing sheep have going for them is their Wool!

Before I started raising sheep, if you had asked me about wool my first thought probably would have been my Grandpa's old wool Army blanket. Rough and Itchy...

Now,  if you asked me about wool I would tell you all of the wonderful qualities it has and that is has gotten a bad rap over the years.

What do people think about when they think of WOOL? My experience has been that most people had my perception. Rough, Itchy, Scratchy.
I took a quilting class several years ago. They were teaching how to make log cabin quilts. I had just got back some batting from some wool I had processed and bought it into class. When I told the women that I was using it for my quilt  their reaction - "You don't want to use that it will not be comfortable".  I pulled the batting out and they couldn't believe how soft  and comfy it was. Their next response was "Where can I get some."

I have done a few presentations on sheep and wool for young children. When I ask them about wool they respond much in the same way. I always have a sample for them to feel and they cannot believe how soft it is.
I then explain how the chemical  processing of wool is one of the reasons wool can be itchy.

Wool is not all created equal.
The diameter and length varies on different breeds of Sheep and because of that some wool is suited for some purposes better than others.
It depends a lot on the breed of sheep the wool comes from.

Some sheep produce very soft fiber and other breeds produce very course fiber.
They both have their uses.

What some people do not know about wool is that it is:
*Flame retardant
*Stays warm even if wet
*Bacteria and odor resistant
*Helps you stay warm when cold and cool when hot.

I probably sounds like a wool commercial but I do raise sheep which in turn mean I raise wool so I like to get the word out about this wonderful, natural Fiber.

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