Monday, November 12, 2012

Wood for burning

Nothing like a cozy fire to fend off the chill of a cold, dreary day.

When we first moved to our homestead 15 years ago this OLD house only had a wood burning furnace. We used it for the first year and decided to go with a new LP furnace.
I still remember when the furnace guy came and hooked it all up.  Before he left I told him "Thank you". He said don't thank me have had wood heat you are probably not going to like the LP furnace.
Well he was right...the house always felt cold.

We ended up buying a wood stove the following winter for our family room.

Several years after that we bought a high efficiency furnace that could be vented outside and reinstalled the original wood furnace that we had taken out that would heat the entire house.

I love the wood heat. House feels warmer, and with the cost of LP rising I love the savings as well.

I was surprised to find a poem on this subject. Educational as well.

Woods for Burning.

Logs to burn! Logs to burn!
Logs to save the coal a turn!
Here’s a word to make you wise
When you hear the woodsman’s cries.

Beech wood fires burn bright and clear,
Hornbeam blazes too’
If the logs are kept a year
To season through and through.

Oak logs will warm you well
If they are old and dry.
Larch logs of the pine smell
But the sparks will fly.

Pine is good and so is Yew
For warmth through winter days,
But poplar and the willow too
Take long to dry or blaze.

Birch logs will burn to fast,
Alder scarce at all,
Chestnut logs are good to last
If cut in the fall

Holly logs will burn like wax –
You should burn them green.
Elm logs like a smouldering flax,
No flames to be seen.

Pear logs and Apple logs
They will scent a room,
Cheery logs across the dogs
Smell like flowers in bloom.

But Ash logs all smooth and grey,
Burn them green or old,
Buy up all that come your way
They’re worth their weight in Gold!


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