Monday, November 5, 2012

Let out At Last

The boys are being let out of confinement today.  They have been very restless and will be most happy with the new arrangement.
The Ram was let out in the pastures to be with the ladies.
The Buck is staying in the Barnyard and we will put a few does in with him at a time.

I know that it may seem late but we have been lambing in April for many years.
We have had lambs in the winter a few times when we first started raising sheep but
we made the transistion to spring lambing and have never looked back.

There are advantages to both Winter and Spring Lambing, but for our farm goals spring lambing has been the best fit. It is definately the most preferred by me. I am not one that enjoys the cold so after a couple of lambing seasons bundled up and freezing checking on ewes and lambs through the night was more than enough to convince me of later lambing times. Thankfully our farm goals support that decision.

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