Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Small Fright in the Night


[kahy-oh-tee, kahy-oht] 
noun, plural coy·o·tes, ( especially collectively ) coy·o·te.
Also called prairie wolf. a buffy-gray, wolflike canid, Canis latrans, of North America, distinguished from the wolf by its relatively small size and its slender build, large ears, and narrow muzzle.
I would like to add to that definition- Four legged stalker.

Picture taken from our woods
Last night I was awaken by the sound of Coyotes.
I opened the bedroom window and it sounded like they were right in our field. I have never heard them that close.  That was alarming. I went outside to see if I could hear or see anything. I drove up and down the fence rows. Nothing.
My uncle had just told us earlier that day that he seen a very large coyote on the footage from the video cameras he has placed in the woods that they use for deer hunting. In all the time I have lived here I have never seen one but I have heard them from time to time. Over the last week we have heard them almost every night.
We have been blessed that we have not had coyote problems on our farm. We hear them occasionally in the woods but that is a good distance away.  Last night was a different story.
I didn't sleep well worrying about the sheep and goats.
All looked fine this morning.  I am not sure what we are going to do about the pack that is living in our woods.
I heard someone say that the howling is calming to them....NOT for me. Maybe if I didn't have livestock I would feel differently.  But I do have livestock and that sound if the furthest thing from calming.


  1. I hear them sometimes around my farm. They seem to be all around calling to each other for several minutes, then they are all gone. Just like that. I have sheep and goats too and I get a little scared for them. But so far nothing has happened. I have never see them either. Just hear them. It's am erie sound. Not one I like to hear at all. That one in the picture is quite big. I had always thought coyotes were smaller than that. It almost looks like a dog with a wolf head.

  2. My husband said that it is very big. We looked online and found a few other pictures of coyotes that looked like the picture we have. Looked more like a wolf to me but as far as I know we do not have wolves in our area.
    We would have never seen this one if my Uncle hadn't put cameras in the woods for deer hunting season.
    We just hear them at night.


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