Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Five thing I love about Fall in Michigan

Defiinately number one on my list is fall colors! Nothing like natures artwork. Absolutely beautiful.

Cooler weather. Time to pull out the sweaters, after the heat we had this summer it is most welcome.

Campfires. Cooler nights are perfect weather for roasting those marshmallows. Relaxation at its best.

Harvest/Autumn theme- Straw bales, indian corn, pumpkins, gourds, mums, scarecrows.  Lets Decorate!

Easy Farming- I don't know why but fall seems to be the easiest time of the year raising livestock. The Lambs are gone, ewes are still getting enough grass so we are not having to feed hay yet, cooler weather means less stress for them. They seem to enjoy the fall weather as much as we do.


The only thing I would like to change about Fall is that it would last a little longer. It always seems to be the shortest season of the year.


  1. I agree - it's too short! Autumn is my favorite season. I do miss the fall colors of Michigan though.
    ~ Kathi @ http://www.oakhillhomestead.com


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