Monday, September 3, 2012

Virginia Visit

Mountains, rivers, winding roads and one lane bridges are a few of the things we seen in Virginia.

It was a beautiful state. We found a Blackberry Farm, quaint yarn shop, Historic Grist Mill, and other historic sites.
We couldn't resist taking pictures of a sheep farm we found along the way.

It was the end of the season but the girls managed to pick a few pints.

Blackberry Farm
They were very close to the road. Delaney was convinced they wanted their picture taken.

The sheep got pretty noisy when we pulled to the roadside to take pictures. I think they thought we were there to open the gate and let them out to pasture. A lot of the pastures were hilly. Some were really steep.

This was a Historic Grist Mill. They sold all types of flours and mixes. We purchased some Buckwheat pound cake mix and Hush Puppy Mix.

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