Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sharing the Harvest

We were blessed to have some friends share their garden bounty.
Our garden did not do as well as we had hoped. We did get some peppers and cherry tomatoes but not enough tomatoes to can.
But thanks to some friends there are tomatoes in the pantry.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ram Lamb-less

Well today was the day to take Lambs to market.

We were able to sell several of them over the past month for Breeding Stock. But what didn't sell had to be taken to the livestock auction.

We raise sheep and the lambs are raised for Breeding Stock and meat. I definately enjoy selling breeding stock more than I like the market lamb part of the farm.

With our hay field not making it and hay prices being so high we were not able to keep any rams back. We also had to sell some goats that we were not planning on parting with.

Tough decisions this year.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why you do NOT Tag Goats

We noticed that Recital was acting funny. She was throwing her head around and something just did not look right. My daughter investigated and found her ear to be infected where she had a tag put in for fair.

We have complained about having to tag our goats. Most fairs do not require tagging and accept tattoos. They have been considering allowing the tattoos if your goat has papers.I am definately going to be voicing our opinion on the matter again.

When we checked the other goats our doe kid is infected as well. But worse than the infection is the fact their ears have been torn a little from the tag, which is what caused the infection.Mike cut the tags out of their ears, we cleaned them really well and put on some Blue Kote. We will watch them closely and if necessary we will give them antibiotics. I am hoping we caught it early enough that it will not be necessary.

We have several goats with rippped ears from last years fair tags. I hope they make changes to the Fair requirements for showing the Dairy Goats. The girls love it. I just don't enjoy the problems we have had with the ear tags.I am not sure what these goats do and how they manage to cause such problems but if there is a way to get in trouble they will find it.

Goats will be Goats!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gladiola Farms

We live among many fields and most of those contain soybeans, field corn and an occasional hay field but the most eye catching is the Gladiolus. They are a beautiful site when in bloom.

I learned today that Bronson has 1400 acres of Gladiolus causing it be known as "The Gladiolus Capital of the United States"

Who knew?


Monday, September 3, 2012

Virginia Visit

Mountains, rivers, winding roads and one lane bridges are a few of the things we seen in Virginia.

It was a beautiful state. We found a Blackberry Farm, quaint yarn shop, Historic Grist Mill, and other historic sites.
We couldn't resist taking pictures of a sheep farm we found along the way.

It was the end of the season but the girls managed to pick a few pints.

Blackberry Farm
They were very close to the road. Delaney was convinced they wanted their picture taken.

The sheep got pretty noisy when we pulled to the roadside to take pictures. I think they thought we were there to open the gate and let them out to pasture. A lot of the pastures were hilly. Some were really steep.

This was a Historic Grist Mill. They sold all types of flours and mixes. We purchased some Buckwheat pound cake mix and Hush Puppy Mix.

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