Sunday, August 5, 2012

We Survived Check In Day.

I know that probably sounds a little dramatic but if you have ever participated in fair with several livestock projects for three different children then you know how crazy it can get.
But I am happy to say animals are all checked in, projects turned in, and our obligation to the 4 H Boosters Eat Stand done!

I thought we would never get all of the goats clipped. I forgot how much work that was. They all were great for the majority of the clipping but once you start messing with their legs and udders it can get interesting. The girls were troopers and hung in there through all of it even though by the last goat they were looking pretty frazzled.
Next year we will get an earlier start.
Oh is next year and it was the same as last year! Well this time we mean it!

We ended up only bringing two.
A ewe and her lamb. Thankfully they didn't need much done yesterday except to get them in the trailer.
There were suppose to be more, but with the heat this year it has taken its toll on them and us. We had one daughter decide to tough it out and take two sheep that haven't been worked with too much. She scratched showmanship but decided to still get some experience in the sheep barn and will show them in their breeding classes.

We had storm to top off the night. But I am happy to say we were all in bed before midnight!

We survived Check in Day!

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