Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moving Goats to Move Sheep

We had the joy of seperating lambs and kids today.

Whenever we have a day that we have to sort livestock we wish we had broken down and purchased a handling system.
Thankfully we have made some progress over the years. We have a small holding pen that the sheep are use to going into after being enticed with grain. It has worked pretty well.
But I still dream of a nice corral, chutes, and sorting gates.

Right now we have to put  the goats in the barnyard area.  They are easy to handle. They follow the girls right in just like the pied piper.  We have to move them first because they just love to get in the way when we are working with  the sheep.

Getting the sheep confined has gotten a lot easier since they are so use to going in the holding pen and  today we got lucky because the lambs came in too, which doesn't always happen. 
All in all it was as easy as it could be with the system we have.

A handful of lambs to sell.
One ewe lamb to keep.

Hoping next year brings us more ewe lambs.
Who knows, maybe even an improved handling system.

Twin Ram Lambs

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