Friday, August 17, 2012

Michigan Fiber Festival 2012

If you live in Michigan or close by and are looking for something to do tomorrow stop by the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan.
I know that is where we will be headed!
They have fiber animals, demonstrations, vendors, and more.


  1. I was there and had a great time. Did you show any of your animals?

  2. It was a very nice show. We had a great time too.
    We did not bring any animals. We were just there as spectators.
    We did watch a lot of the sheep show.
    My husband asked if I wanted to bring the livestock trailer. Thankfully I said no or we would have been tempted to bring something home with us.
    I loved the cinnamon colored angora goats and there were quite a few sheep for sale!
    I did buy some rovings and some handmade buttons.
    It was a good time.


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