Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

We have not had the best year. It could have been worse, I know, but it has been one of the more difficult ones.

We planted a hay field this year. Something we have talked about doing for years. Well I have posted about the drought that we had mid summer. We have been blessed that it did not continue on through the summer and that we have had plenty of rain and the pastures came back and have sustained the animals.

But, hay prices are still almost double there normal price. Our hay field looks horrible. There is a stand of alfalfa but you can not see it through the grass and weeds.

We have been waiting for someone to come and bale it so the alfalfa has a chance. Four weeks later we are still waiting. It is hard to have to rely on others, but it is what you have to do when you do not have the equipment to make hay.

Well we learn something new every year. This year we learned if we want to make hay we better invest in some equipment.

I am still hopeful the field will be rescued. We have made contact with someone else to see what they can do. I just hope they follow through.
Time will Tell!

Until then,I am crossing my fingers that we will have some roughage for the livestock this winter.


  1. I hope you get someone to come cut the hay soon. We are surrounded on 3 sides with hay fields that are needing to be cut bad. I wish they would come cut them. It's so high and quite snakey looking. There was a rattle snake in my yard just a few feet from my milk room last week. My friend came and shot it. But there could be more out there. I have my barn full for the winter. I have 9 ewes and 3 rams and 7 does and 2 bucks. I hope 185 bales are enough. Good luck with your hay.

  2. Thank you.
    Thankfully we do not have to deal with poisonous snakes.
    The worse thing I have seen in my yard is a Gardner Snake and that gave me a scare. I can't imagine what seeing a Rattlesnake would do to my nerves!


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