Monday, August 27, 2012

Impulse Buying

Impulse buying and farm animals?
Hmmmm, never thought the two had anything in common.

That is until I look out in the pasture and see the Paint Gelding that runs wild out there.

Well I don't know if I want to admit such a weakness, but there it is reminding me every day that farmers can buy on impulse too! It is not just for the shopaholics at Macy's.

Actually our intentions were good. What 10 year old girl  doesn't dream about Horses.
What dad doesn't give in? Well maybe some do, just not theirs, that often anyway.
In all fairness to my husband I did not put up much resistance.

Now what to do?

We have had this guy listed for quite some time, little did we know that horses are worth about a dime a dozen, funny how that doesn't get bought up when you are looking for a horse.
Everything we seen when we were buying that was ridable was well over 1000.
Just one of those things in life if I could do over again....

I am not knocking horses, we just discovered that we are not horse people.
Sheep people, yes...Goat people, yes...Dog people, yes...

We have a couple of people that are inquiring after him right now. Hopefully he will be sold and go to a nice Horse Farm where someone can let this guy know who's boss and he can start acting like a gentleman instead of the wild mustang wannabe that he is with us.

Funny how he figured out that we were not horse people before we did.

He is a beauty:  I can appreciate that!

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