Monday, August 13, 2012

Giant Ragweed

Is there any good use for Ragweed?
If there is I think we could make a profit.

We struggle with keeping this weed under control around here.

We have sprayed..yes chemicals... we thought maybe after a year or two of spraying we could get it under control and go more organic.
No luck. It always seems to find its way back here.

We go on vacation for 10 days and come home to ragweed that reaches the knees.
If it is let go it will get as tall as we are.
Now I am no green thumb, but I have to say that growing up I do not remember this weed in our garden. I do not remember any weeds that could get so tall and take over so fast.

I would love to do raised beds, not sure if that will help rid us of this challenge.
Living in an area surrounded by fields doesn't help, it just keeps getting blown in.

Trying to decide if I should do Fall Crops in the garden. To do that I would have to rid the summer garden of all of the weeds, the biggest culprit being the Ragweed.

It makes you wonder at times if it is worth the fight.
This year the Ragweed definately won the battle!
Not sure if I have the energy to rechallenge....

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