Friday, August 3, 2012

Clip Clip

We have been clipping goats this week for Fair. Yes, I know kind of last minute but with the heat and then vacation it has been put off.
Well it is suppose to be a hot one today, so much for the 80 degree weather they predicted.
We started early. You never know how the goats will behave.
Soapapilla was first this morning and I have to say she was WONDERFUL! Not one kick...She sat there like a lady at the salon....I was so  impressed.

After the clippers cool down, Delihlah is next, I am hoping she takes on the same attitude as Soapapilla did,  but I am having my doubts.

Clipping, Baking, Livestock Posters....It is going to be a busy day.
Let Fair Frenzy begin!

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