Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Border Collies it is!

I have to say that I LOVE Border Collies!

We were looking for a dog for one our daugthers to show at fair, but also would do well living on a farm with sheep, goats and chickens.
We researched and decided to look into the Border Collie Breed.
We also decided to not get a puppy and to go through a rescue.

Well after several months of waiting we got Abbey a six month old female, rough coat, black and white Border Collie.
We absolutely loved her... she is the dog that we have since measured  all other dogs!
Maybe that is not fair but that is just how it is.
She did have some quirks, but they were outweighed by her loyalty, charisma, and her desire to do what needeed to be done! We didn't realize a dog could have such high energy but have an off button the minute she stepped into the house. My husband always thought that was so remarkable.

Since Abbey we have had several Border Collies.
All of our girls have had a Border Collie as a  companion growing up.
Each have had their own unique personality and  positive qualities, referring to the dogs...even though are girls had those too :)

I can honestly say that I can't imagine getting another breed of dog.
I am sure there are many that are just as wonderful,  but BC's just seem to be a good fit for us!

(4 years old)

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