Sunday, July 1, 2012

Most Embarrassing

We had quite the mishap. We had someone purchase two of our Toggenburg Does with their doe kids.
We happily sent them on knowing they were going to a nice 4-H home.
After they left my daughter looked at me and said that she thinks that they were paired up right. I was like "what?"

Well her worry was dead on. I woke up this morning with some "maaaas" coming from the field. One doe and a doeling wandering around looking for mom/kid.
So now we need to exchange kids.
Have to say that this is a first.
In my daughters defense, it was late, had been a long hot day, and we had all the goats in a pen together, and it looked to be the right pair to me as well.
Thankfully when we called to tell of the mishap, which they had figured out as well, they were very nice about the whole thing. I am grateful some people have a sense of humor. Makes life easier when you make a mistake.

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