Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing our Oberhasli Goats

We picked up two Oberhasli Does in 2010.
Recital and Soapapilla.
They were definately pampered pets and my girls love them.
They are not quite so pampered here as they live out on the pasture with the sheep, but they still get plenty attention from our girls. We were glad that they do so well living on pasture and have been easy keepers.

We love their personalities. They are very easy to handle and are easy milkers.
They do get in the way sometimes when we are trying to do chores. The biggest difference between sheep and goats, at least ours. When we are in the field trying to get things done the sheep ignore us for the most part, the goats get in the way.
They are big girls so it is nice they are friendly and easy to handle. They are definately the BOSSES around here.

Oberhaslis are a Swiss Breed. They are considered a medium sized goat, but they seem a little on the larger side to me.
We must be partial to the Swiss Breeds because we love our Toggenburgs as well.
They seem to be the breeds that work well on our farm.

We have never had a buck until last year.  We have always taken the ladies to be serviced.
We decided to finally get one. We chose an Oberhasli.  I am not real fond of  Bucks. They are smelly in the Fall. Thankfully he is not too bad in the Summer. I was glad for that!
He did produce some nice kids this year.

The does will be getting make-overs this week for the upcoming Fair.

Soapapilla (AKA Sopa)



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