Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Record Breaking Heat and NO rain

I know another post about the weather....
What can I say?  This has been unbelievably hot and dry summer for Michigan.
It has been cooler in Florida than here in Michigan.
It is really creating a lot of problems for farmers.

As a homesteader we are not exempt from those problems.
We are tyring to decide what to do with the livestock. There is no hay to be had and the pastures are GONE.
We do have a couple of fields across the road that we are considering using.  It is overgrown, and fencing is minimal, nothing that would hold goats and sheep in OR keep predators out.  So we are in think tank mode. We definately have to do something if we want to be able to keep any of the sheep and goats.

Our neighbor, an old time farmer, said that he has seen nothing like it in his lifetime and he is 80 plus.

This is definately one of those times when you sit back and contemplate "how badly do I want this?"

I have heard of people having to sell off all or a large part of their livestock, I have heard of 10.00 a bale hay, but definately never experienced it for myself.

What I would do to have a week long rain....

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