Monday, July 30, 2012

Back From Vacation...Back to Work

Just got back from vacation.
Mixed feelings. Part of me didn't want to leave and another part couldn't wait to come home.

When we left everything was pretty much burnt up and brown. We came home to green grass that actually needs mowed....Mixed blessing :)

Garden weeds took over. I  can't believe how fast they grow here . We weeded  most of it before we left and came home to a weedy mess. I do not have a green thumb. Gardening can be a challenge. It can be downright discouraging when the weeds flourish. Now if only I can get the plants to do that I would have an amazing garden.

Fair starts Saturday.
Animals need to get clipped and ready. The girls are thrilled fair is almost here....I see work!
I wish I had their enthusiasm.

So in a nutshell....
Grass is back
Weeds have taken over
Fair Week is approaching

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