Saturday, June 23, 2012

No power=No water

Lost power on Thursday. I find it interesting that the first night you do not have power it is almost fun. Slumber Party in the Living Room. No one seems to mind that the electronic devices are not spend the night talking or playing games by lamplight. Many games of  Monopoly have been played in a power outage.
Second Day not so fun. If it wasn't for not having water it might last a a little longer.
One of the few  things I do not like about country life...We lose water when the power goes out. The city girl that I was,  the first time we lost power I remember turning on the faucet expecting water. "Water isn't working" (me)
"Its not going to work" (country boy husband)
"What"???? (me)
" Well  Pump doesn't work without electricity" (country boy husband)
"What"???? (me)

Surprising how many times you turn your faucet on a day without even thinking about it.
I can do no lights without much of a problem. I can do no electronic devices. No water, well that is another story.

The worst we have had to endure was losing power for three days. Having to haul water from neighbors to water the livestock. We packed up and went to town. Came home just long enough to do chores.
Lucky for us when we lose power our neighbor across the road never seems to. Glad that we have that resource.

We talk about generators whenever we have one of those experiences. Shortly it is forgotten until the next time...

Happy to say the Consumers had us back to normal in less than 24 hours time.
Long enough to remind me how grateful I am for modern conveniences. I know, I would never survive living off the grid.

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