Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maids a Milking

Today was the first day that we officially started milking goats!

We had been milking one or two a day just taking their extras for Frankie, the bummer lamb.

But last night we separated Mom from their kids so we could milk this morning. We will start doing this daily so we can have milk for yogurt and cheese.

I know a lot of dairy people take the kids away at birth and bottle feed them and milk their does twice a day. That was one of the reasons we did NOT get dairy goats. We have a busy schedule and milking goats twice a day, no matter what, was not something I wanted to take on.
BUT after talking to a few dairy people I discovered that you can still have milk goats and NOT milk twice a day.

We leave the kids with their moms after birth and we let does take care of them.
After about two weeks we take the kids away at night, get them introduced to grain, and we milk the does in the morning. After we milk, we put the kids back in pasture and they graze and get the milk they need.

This system works well for us:
- I only milk once a day
- I do not have to bottle feed kids.
- If for some reason I cannot be here I do not have to worry about them not getting milked.

If we were a full fledge Dairy this system would not work, but since we just have a few  milk goats for our own use (milk, cheese, yogurt) it works out perfectly!

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