Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lost Kid!

We were leaving town- graduation party.
My daughter announced she found a new doe kid out in the pasture, she said things looked good, she was up and nursing. Okay, good -we will be sure to check on her when we get home.

Later -made it home. Everyone was up at the water tanks. I can see new mom, but no kid with her. Scanned over field, didn't see her.  Out comes 4 wheeler, drove around twenty minutes. No baby, listened for some bleating...nothing!
This is a first. We finally gave up looking after about 45 minutes. I felt sick, all we could think of was fox? Coyote? Never a good thought. We have been blessed  that has not ever happened. Scared that this may be a first.
Today after church we came home there was baby and mom!?
We are ecstatic, but puzzled. Not quite sure what happened. A pleasant surprise to say the least.
Happy to say they are both doing great!

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