Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot & Dry Weather Woes

It is another hot week. Forecasting Rain- 30 percent chance.  Has not come to pass but hopeful as the skies get darker.
The pastures are spent. The sheep and goats still have good condition. They must really be foraging. We have a Belted Galloway heffer we need to sell. Trying to take  as much stress off the pastures as possible.

 Defintely couldn't of picked a worse year for putting in a hay field. We have been wanting to put one in for years and finally managed to do it. Weather has NOT cooperated at all. Not sure how it is all going to work out in the end.

Postive Note: We have someone buying some of our Toggenburg yearlings along with their kids. Excited about that.  Looks like they are going to a 4-H home and you can't find a better home than that. I love when it works out that way.
As I sit here and write I hear thunder. 

And there is rain....

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