Friday, June 1, 2012

Ant Control

I am happy to say the ants are GONE!
The last couple of years we have had problems with ants.  I noticed them around the trees, when we were landscaping around the house and when they made their way into my kitchen.
We have  sprayed around the house and they would dissapear, but in a short time they would be back.

This spring when I noticed they were back I decided to try something else. Did some research online and found a easy home remedy to try.  I am glad to report that in about 4 days the ants are gone!
Secret: Borax
Mix one cup water, two cups sugar add 2 Tablespoons Borax.
We put this in bottle caps and left it where we seen ants. We noticed them eating it right away. It was hard to resist killing them on the spot, but you want them to take the food back to the nest so it can be shared with the other ants.
If you have pets/children make sure you leave where it cannot be reached.
Make sure that when you no longer see the ants you remove the mix, you don't want to attract other ants.

Hoping that will be the last we see of the ants for the summer.

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