Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is finished

It rained but not enough to halt the shearing.

The shearer always does a great job. He makes it look so easy. We have tackled the job a few times ourselves,believe me,  it is not easy! I will glady pay someone to give these ladies a nice wool cut.
Finding a good shearer is not an easy task. They are far and few between. When you do find one treat them well and hope they stay in business or don't move away.

It went well without a hitch... shearing done,  well almost... Just when we thought it couldn't go better, a ewe escaped out of the pen and with the other sheep already back on pasture she ran the fence line... down the road.... into the neighbors yard. 20 mintues later,  back in with the rest of the ewes. Just goes to show that you always have to have at least one challenge when working with livestock. Never quite as easy as you think it should be.

Bright Side: got some unplanned exercise in for the day!

I am glad the job is done and we don't have to tackle it again for 6 months.

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