Friday, May 25, 2012

Bottle Lambs

Frankie is our bottle lamb this year. Bottle Lambs are not a common occurrence around here.  The ladies usually do a really good job of taking care of their lambs.  We found Frankie when we came home after being gone all day.  My daughter found him out on pasture laying down alone, away from all of the ewes. Not a good sign.

When he saw her he got up and started following her around... also not a good sign.  We found a ewe with a new lamb, Frankie's mom.
She had twins and must have thought one was enough.  

If we had been here Frankie may have had a chance to live like all of the other lambs, in the pasture, with his mom... frolicking around with friends , wary of the farmers.  
But since we weren't, we couldn't help the situation and the girls became Frankie's new mom! They love having a bottle lamb. I prefer the stand-offish lamb that lives in the pasture.

We try to convince Frankie that he is a lamb and belongs out in the pasture. But he is not convinced. If he gets out of the pen, instead of heading to the gate to be with his own kind , he comes to the house and bleats at the back door for the girls.
He follows them around the yard and plays with them like a puppy.

What to do with Frankie?? Hopefully we will be able to find him a nice "pet" home where he can live out his days being a pampered whether. He does have his beautiful Border Leicester fleece to offer  in return for being a spoiled pet :)

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