Thursday, May 31, 2012

Least Favorite Job

Disbudding goats!

But it has to be done. Thankfully Mike tackles that job.  With dairy goats it is a must.  That is one of the things that we liked about raising meat can leave the horns.

We need to remember next year  to disbud at a week old.  Two weeks and we were almost not able to do them due to their size. Especially the Bucks.

Oberhasli and Toggenburg goats are the breeds we have right now. When we had Nubians years ago, we did them when they were a little older and never had any problems. Not sure if it is the breed OR just the goats we had.

Anyway, hopefully next year  we will remember: DISBUD goats at ONE week!

We accomplished a lot today.  Shearing, Disbudding,  and  Medicating.

It was definately a good day.  I think the best part is the fact that it is RAINING!  Much needed rain...I hope it last a few days.

It is finished

It rained but not enough to halt the shearing.

The shearer always does a great job. He makes it look so easy. We have tackled the job a few times ourselves,believe me,  it is not easy! I will glady pay someone to give these ladies a nice wool cut.
Finding a good shearer is not an easy task. They are far and few between. When you do find one treat them well and hope they stay in business or don't move away.

It went well without a hitch... shearing done,  well almost... Just when we thought it couldn't go better, a ewe escaped out of the pen and with the other sheep already back on pasture she ran the fence line... down the road.... into the neighbors yard. 20 mintues later,  back in with the rest of the ewes. Just goes to show that you always have to have at least one challenge when working with livestock. Never quite as easy as you think it should be.

Bright Side: got some unplanned exercise in for the day!

I am glad the job is done and we don't have to tackle it again for 6 months.

Sheep Shearing

He makes it look so easy



Shearing Woes

Well the sheep are in the pen waiting to be shorn this morning. After Saturdays cancellation we rescheduled for today, the day that was suppose to be dry. Well, that changed to afternoon showers. But as I sit here waiting for the shearer, I see sprinkles! I know we need rain and I shouldn't complain but these ladies need shorn! So I sit here hoping it will hold off a little while longer.....then it can rain for days and days!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain Dance

I wish I knew one! It has threatened to rain for several days now. Unfortunately, that is all it has been.
Not use to seeing a dry spell in May.
Very concerned about the hay field that was just planted.  I hope that we see some rain very soon!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Border Collie Pups!

Future Farm hands have arrived

There is nothing more exciting than a new puppy...except TWO new puppies!
And there is nothing more fun than Border Collie Pups!
We took a day trip to Spur Bar Ranch with one puppy in mind.
After an hour of playing with a pen full of Border Collies we ended up with two. Just too hard to choose one!
Day two and still no names.
Picking out names has been harder than picking out the puppies.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blueberries Love Water

One project cancelled, an opportunity to finish another one.
Mike is putting in a watering system for the blueberries. When we had two plants watering with the hose was no problem, but since he went on a blueberry kick and planted over 100 plants the hose just isn't cutting it!

It works!

Sheep Shearing Postponed!

Sheep Shearing Postponed...

7:15  CLOUDY!  But it was cloudy yesterday...not suppose to rain today.
7:20  Honey it looks like it is going to rain..not suppose to rain today.
7:25  5 minute down pour.

Not enough to actually benefit the garden, or fruit trees but enough to cancel shearing today! It has been a dust bowl around here for 2 weeks. We would have bought the sheep in the gray barn if we had any idea it was going to rain. We spent yesterday evening setting up a pen outside so we could do the shearing in the red barn (a much nicer barn). Well even the best laid plans can be brought to a halt by Mother Nature!

Rescheduled for Monday morning.

Side Note: You do not shear WET sheep!
Bright Side: The alfalfa seed that was drilled in last night got a little damp!

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it. ~Patrick Young

Friday, May 25, 2012

Frankie at the back door!

Bottle Lambs

Frankie is our bottle lamb this year. Bottle Lambs are not a common occurrence around here.  The ladies usually do a really good job of taking care of their lambs.  We found Frankie when we came home after being gone all day.  My daughter found him out on pasture laying down alone, away from all of the ewes. Not a good sign.

When he saw her he got up and started following her around... also not a good sign.  We found a ewe with a new lamb, Frankie's mom.
She had twins and must have thought one was enough.  

If we had been here Frankie may have had a chance to live like all of the other lambs, in the pasture, with his mom... frolicking around with friends , wary of the farmers.  
But since we weren't, we couldn't help the situation and the girls became Frankie's new mom! They love having a bottle lamb. I prefer the stand-offish lamb that lives in the pasture.

We try to convince Frankie that he is a lamb and belongs out in the pasture. But he is not convinced. If he gets out of the pen, instead of heading to the gate to be with his own kind , he comes to the house and bleats at the back door for the girls.
He follows them around the yard and plays with them like a puppy.

What to do with Frankie?? Hopefully we will be able to find him a nice "pet" home where he can live out his days being a pampered whether. He does have his beautiful Border Leicester fleece to offer  in return for being a spoiled pet :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I think late Spring is the best time to live on a farm. Sheep are out on pasture, the lambs are all here, moms taking care of them. After the long Michigan winter of feeding hay, Spring is most welcome!

Monday, May 21, 2012

One day nearer to the shearer!

Shearing Day is almost here! We were glad to hear from the sheep shearer today, we were beginning to think we would have to tackle the job ourselves.  The Ladies will be happy to loose some weight!

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